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Saga Signature Cocktails


buffalo trace bourbon combined w/ campari & house rosso vermouth blend

Smoked Old-Fashioned

buffalo trace bourbon combined w/ aromatic bitters, orange bitters & demerara syrup

Jewel of Mexico

casamigos reposado tequila, ‘ilegal’ joven’ mezcal, combined with agave and spiced chocolate bitters

Pink Elephant

corazon, solerno blood orange, kaffir lime and homemade hibiscus syrup

Pearl of The Six-Armed Goddess

gosling black seal rum & absinthe, shaken with lychee puree, passionfruit pulp, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, demerara syrup and angostura bitters

Black Pearl

78 degrees gin shaken with rose syrup, blackberry syrup, lemon juice, aquafaba, lemongrass/kaffir lime syrup and activated charcoal


four pillars, green chilli muddled with kaffir lime, charred grapefruit and chambord

Abu’s Ruby

belvedere, creme de peach, muddled green apple soaked in bitters, topped with moet champagne

Lavender Husk

husk distiller’s ink ‘floral-infused’ gin, violet liqueur, lychee juice, lemon juice lavender syrup

Saga Colada

bacardi carte blanc, shaken w/ cream, pineapple juice and house coconut syrup, served long


hendrick gin, massenez crème de peche, massenez, pomme verte, elderflower syrup, rose syrup with chunk of cucumber

The Two Faces of Janus

corazon single estate blanco tequila, shaken with lime juice, honey water and ginger syrup

Ganesha’s Gold

banana-infused jack daniel’s tennessee honey whiskey and salted caramel, combined with old fashioned bitters and whiskey barrel-aged bitters

The OX

hennessey xo, amaretto, brown sugar soaked in house-made bitters with flaming cinnamon

Saga Spritzers

Eastern Royalty

78 degrees gin, shaken w/ elderflower liqueur, lime juice, muddled cucumber & mint, spritzed w/ prosecco

Mountain Spring

wheatly vodka, shaken w/ crème de cassis, creme de framboise, lemon juice & raspberries, topped w/ prosecco

Island Spritz

bacardi carta blanc, shaken w/ maraschino liqueur, lime juice & pink grapefruit juice, spritzed w/ prosecco

Low Alcohol by Volume

Cherry Blossom

peach blossom vodka, bergamot liqueur, elderflower liqueur, hibiscus syrup, lemon & egg white

Jungle Cat

lyre’s dark cane spirit & campari, shaken w/ pineapple juice, lime juice & demerara syrup

Flor De Saga

gosling rum, bacardi rum, & dry curacao, shaken w/ lime juice & orgeat

Pink Sky Dry

lyre’s london dry spirit, maraschino liqueur & violet liqueur w/ lemon juice

For Further Dietary Requirements Please Ask the Waiter for Options Saga will always attempt its best to cater for everyone so no one feels left out

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Piece of The Island’s Heart

lyre’s dark cane rum pineapple juice, shaken w/ cream & kaffir lime syrup

Drops of Wisdom

hand pressed pineapple and apple, cranberry soaked in lemon w/ raspberry puree

Berry Bombora

pink grapefruit juice & cloudy apple juice, shaken w/ lime juice, elderflower syrup & blackberry syrup

Floating Mint Spring

lyre’s london dry spirit, shaken w/ lime juice, sugar syrup & mint